Tuesday, March 29, 2011


                                             This is my tub 'to be' ! 
We're redoing our master bed and bath. 
The first thing on my list, is to get rid of the jetted tub, and replace  it with an old clawfoot. 
 When you say 'updating' most folks think of  modernizing, but I'm the opposite. 
My dream is to own a very old house...but since that is not in the forseeable future,  I need to make my house  'feel' old. 
So anyway, this tub is the starting point  for the masterbath redo. 
While my kids were growing up, we lived in an old house with a clawfoot tub, and no shower, and that worked fine for me, and it's what I want again. (there is another shower in the house). 
Anyway, things usually take a long time getting done in my house, and even though it can be frustrating,  it can be a good thing.   It takes me a while to make decisions. especially if it's something I have to live with for a while.
Below are images of bathrooms that give me a feeling that I really like...I think it mostly the simplicity.
so I'll have to post a picture of my bathroom now (scary thought), so that you can see where I take it.  But be patient!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Livingroom redo


My house, like everyone's elses house, who isn't blessed with unlimited funds,  is a work in progress.  So here's the story of my living room redo.
 Two weeks before Christmas 2009, my husband announced that he's 'doin' this room before Christmas.  Needless to say, I freaked out...2 weeks before Christmas?  And  Christmas Eve is at my house!  I put up a good fight, but in the end I lost the argument.  As my daughter pointed out, I might as well just go with it, at least it would get done.  So now he starts moving everything out of this room, into my dining room, which means I can't decorate for the holidays anywhere!  Luckily I had the paint colors pretty much figured out.  You have to realize that this 're-do' wasn't just painting, it entailed crown molding, and changing all the trim and the baseboards!   I did have an idea of what I wanted the room to eventually look like, but hadn't really gotten everything to make it happen. I  found the two wing chairs at a tag sale in the fall for $40 each, and they're recliners to boot!  I bought a sofa cover, cheap.  The coffee table was a flea market find from years ago, that i had given to my daughter,but for lack of room, she gave it back and the armoire in the corner was a freebie.  I took down the ceiling fan, and found the chandelier on line, on sale, because the room was in desperate need of lighting.  I had decided on the curtains before hand, so I ran to the store only to find I had to order them, because of course, they weren't in stock.  So anyway, this is what my living room looked like at Christmas. 


Monday Night

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

About Me

ct, United States
Hi, I'm Priscilla. This blog is basically a diary, in photos, so that i might capture tiny pieces of time...that pass, far too quickly...and the older i get, the faster time passes. So here's a little bit about me: I live in Southern New England, (one of the worlds most beautiful places,in my opinion) I'm a Mom of 3, and grandma to 1 beautiful little girl. I love my kids, my grandaughter & my husband, more than anything in the world, BUT...there ARE other things I LOVE too...like pizza! & summertime & ice cold beer & red wine...brisk Autumn days, sitting by the fireplace, old houses, stone walls, flea markets, second hand shops, old painted furniture, decorating (and then redecorating). Warm sunny mornings on the porch, Earl Grey tea, and sultry late afternoons at the beach, and taking pictures. And Last, but by no means least, home.